How the 2024 Full Eclipse Duration, down to the second it lasted, tells the full duration of time till the end of the Resurrection/Rapture to come.

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By Bill Weather - 
WW3 2025 God Given signs

        In a nut shell, the maximum full eclipse duration we just had, tells us when, time is expiring, to the feast of trumpets in 2028, what some of us believe is the time Jesus returns. And I'm gonna cover that scripture so often quoted “no man knoweth the day and hour” to show you how, that doesn’t even apply to these end times. I ask that you be patient to hear this out, because this sign is so awesome, with the other confirming signs telling us when he's coming, that to miss this, would be missing the major prophetic signs God has given us for this day.

        Now when doing the math to prove this to you, there are two different ways we could go with this. There is the strict scientific method and then, there is the biblical eye witness way of having two or more witnesses to a matter.

    This is how they would call the day of the feast of trumpets, by the witness of two or more, seeing the sliver of the new moon. Since we are dealing with the topic of his return at the feast of trumpets, I'm going with the Biblical way of calculating by eye witness and not by the strict scientific way of calculating, which is only a diversion of .58 seconds, close to just half a second differential.

    In this calculation, I'm gonna show you how the maximum duration of the eclipse, points to the end of F.O.T. resurrection/rapture. Now to establish the eye witness account, we need to go where the maximum totality duration of time for the eclipse was witnessed. 

Nazas closest town to Eclipse Center Point

    Here on this map, it shows us the town that was the closest to the center point of the maximum totality duration, which was was NAZAS, Mexico. BTW, the little Mexican town of Nazas, is short for Nazareth, as in Jesus of Nazareth. There’s something to be said about that, but here, we’re talking numbers and according to this map, there are no towns northwest of Nazas, the center point, so our eye witness account must be taken from NAZAS or a suburb of NAZAS. As you can see on the map, its just dessert in the northwest of Nazas, closer to the center point of the eclipse, so we can’t find the human biblical eye witness account from there, but we can from just north west of the city.

    Here is the precise record of that maximum totality duration of the full eclipse time, over NAZAS. 

       It tells us it was 4 minutes and 27.3 seconds long. But this also says that just northwest of NAZAS, where eye witnesses would be, we would add a Quarter of a second more in the duration, so adding that, we come to 4 minutes and 27.55 seconds long. 

     So now, we need to turn this 27.55 seconds into a decimal, so we divide that portion of a minute by 6O seconds and we come to 4.459 minutes of full eclipse duration. Since its so close, just Round it off, 4.46 minutes. This 4.46 number is special, because I'm gonna show you how its 4.46 years to the resurrection, see because the 4.46 maximum totality duration of time of the eclipse tells us the 4.46 year maximum totality duration of time left, till, the severing, at the very end, of the feast of trumpets. Its a God ordained sign and message to us, that the end of time comes, at the F.O.T. Resurrection in 2028.

    So then we take our 4.46 minutes and we multiply it by 365.24 days a year, to get the number of days. This gives us 1628.97 days, rounded off, 1629 days.

    Now we go to and we punch in our numbers. We start with the day of the eclipse, April 8, 2024, into the last day of the feast of trumpets in 2028, which is September 22, 2028. and here it is…. 1629 days. BAM

    Maximum totality duration of time left, is to the end of the feast of trumpets, in 2028.

So the maximum totality duration of time of the eclipse was 4.46 minutes. The maximum totality duration of time left is 4.46 years and then that's it folks. Jesus will have come, the door of grace and salvation thru Christ's grace will close and then soon after, begins judgment day and the wrath of God, coming to cleanse the earth. And if you’re not on the F.O.T. rocket outta here, you in big trouble, for not believing in Jesus.

    For over a month now, I've been telling people in numerous online posts, that we only have 4.5 years left till the F.O.T. resurrection. So on the morning of April 5th, God gave me a download, that the totality of time of the eclipse equals how much time we have left till the rapture, so then, I got up out of bed and started my research to confirm that.

    Now if you haven't seen my other videos, explaining how Matthew 24:36 of that day and hour knoweth no man”, is only applicable to the AD 66 coming of Christ, which was not a resurrection, like the futurists and preterists say, but was what Jesus called it, “the SIGN of the son of man”… He called it a sign, not … a resurrection. Again, if you are uneducated in this history on record, you need to hear those testimonies from Josephus the Jewish and Tacitus the Roman historian and others. They record that well in history, proving that scripture in Matthew 24 cannot be used, to claim no one can know the day he is coming because it only applied to the AD 66 appearance of Christ, which most Christians are oblivious to, so they can never get the correct interpretation to Matt 24. And the full view of that is here, and also here, in my free PDF download, at covering very thoroughly, the entire chapter of Matthew 24 and explaining in detail, every controversial portion.

       Now, listen to this. There’s yet another message God sent us with the full eclipse of 2017. I'm sure many of you have seen these eclipse maps, with the big X pattern over the US. Now can we multiply, in the same way, and find a significant, God sent message, with the 2017 full eclipse. Lets go to that one and check it out.

    Here we see, the maximum duration of time for the 2017 full eclipse was 2 minutes and 41.6 seconds long and we have the biblical eye witness account of that because the 2m 41.6 seconds happened in a very popular place called Giant City State Park Illinois.

    So the math is 41.6 seconds divided by 60 gives us .69333, so add the 2 minutes and we have 2.69333 minutes, times 365.24 days a year = 983.7 days, rounded off 984 days. So from the time of that eclipse, which was August 21, 2017, we count 984 days a head to see if we wind up with something significant…. So lets do that… so the eclipse happened on August 21, 2017 and now I'm gonna punch in May 1, 2020….. there we go.

    Our 984 days or 2.69 years comes to May 1st, 2020 , which is “May Day” and we know May Day is the intl’ distress signal. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY, and this is the God given distress signal that was sent to us in 2017, as a warning…. And I don’t think anyone, even in the prophecy world to this day, got that sign, and now, for our 2024 eclipse, the maximum full eclipse time, the 4.46 minutes, is showing us we only have 4.46 years left, till the great severing.

    There is a cut off time between the kingdom of men and when the kingdom of God begins to reign and that cut off time is at the end of the 4.46 years, September 22, 2028, Yom Teruah, the feast of trumpets and if you're not on board the boat with Jesus by then, you in big trouble. However, if you're not in Christ presently, you could die before that, from the Revelation 18, world war 3 bombings to come or from some gun shot wound. We have very dangerous times coming. You gotta get on board with Jesus man. That's not fear, that's reality.

    Now listen, this major eclipse sign, is just one... of several signs pointing to that exact feast of trumpets time in 2028. Listen to this

    Did you know that Jesus was born on this same time in 3 BC. He was born on September 21st 3 BC FOT and we have the exact Revelation 12 birth of Christ constellation here to prove it… 

    This happened on Sept 11 3BC, but this is the Julian calendar date. With our present Gregorian calendar change, ten days were added to the calendar, so now you come to Sept 21st 3 BC, the same FOT time, of our eclipse sign.

    Another birthday phenomenon pointing to the feast of trumpets, were these two #7 cows born in 2014. 

    See the cow at the top, its the same date as the feast of trumpets in 2028. And the cow at the bottom was born on the feast of trumpets in 2014, which was September 25. So, their birthdays converge in 2028. Now add the two number 7s to the year they were born 7+7+ 2014… you got it, its 2028. God does truly choose foolish things to speak to us and confound “the wise”, but you know, this isn’t so foolish. That # 7 on the heads of these cows born on those particular days, is no DNA coincidence. You would have to be a fool to believe that. Its right in our face. You choose to believe or you choose cognitive dissonance.

    Here's another strong evidence. Did you know the Jews always held, that the birthday of the earth was feast of trumpets. The 6oooth year, birth of the earth, begins FOT 2028.

With the fundamental Biblical chronology shown here, how 2028 is the 6oooth year from creation, in this unbroken, 6 step, biblical year count, this is another evidence shown, and very thoroughly researched and proofed out with many evidences, at

    Now listen, the birthday of the earth is the feast of trumpets, Jesus birthday is the feast of trumpets. The two #7 seven cows birthday is the FOT, the unbroken biblical year count is the FOT to 2028 and now, we have the maximum full eclipse time pointing to that same feast of trumpets, September 20th to the 22nd time, to watch for the Rapture/Resurrection. Friends, that's a phenomenal synchronicity beyond coincidence.

    And I know, when some brand new, God revealed revelation or sign comes along, there will always be presumptuous, unaccountable foolish Christians who will nay say this without even looking into it. This is what I constantly run into over the internet. Presumptuous Christians and you know why, because they choose to believe the lie, because this doesn’t fit their false end time futurists scenario in prophecy.

    And they’re always raveling off no man knows the day or hour, when they are uneducated in what that scripture was talking about, the AD 66 sign of the son of man that happened back then, but in their ignorance, they want to apply that to these end times. They are sadly missing out on knowing the great and exciting time of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ and as we have proven, we have multiple confirmations of that.

    So there you have it. This is a major sign to this generation, shown in the full duration of the eclipse. But the eclipse is also a sign to world war three coming next year, shown here in my YouTube video, as I’ve shown in the long historical record of eclipses and comets being signs preceding many major wars of history.

   Now brethren, the reason for these signs is to warn us to prepare for WWIII and… the time left till the severing, shown to the exact day in the full duration exact time of the eclipse. This eclipse was a double sign to us. All these signs are converging, at that feast of trumpets time, in 2O28. Brethren, there's too much here to relegate to coincidence. Get to and download this free PDF that will explain this more fully….

    Alright, till the next one, be storing food and medicine and whatever else you're gonna need to survive the destruction of the US economy in the world war III revelation 18 tribulation fulfillment to come and if you have any questions, 6oooth has your answer. Float around that site and learn how God has everything fulfilled in Revelation up to chapter 16.5…. 

    Alright, God bless your week as you pursue his will, to walk in the spirit, resist the flesh and pray Lord lead us out of temptation and delivers from evil and prepare us for what's to come, in the mighty name of Jesus…. Amen. Halleluyah, give him praise. Halle Yahweh!!!

Be blessed in Christ, Bill Weather